Meet the Makers




I was born on Newfoundland’s west coast in the city of Corner Brook. After coming to the capital city of St. John’s at school age, my family encouraged my interest in art and craft, and I found expression in music, drawing and the written word. My search for a creative outlet culminated finally in House Woodworking, my woodworking, home decor and art project.

I live with my fiancee and my dog in St. John's, where I work in my small, one-man woodworking shop.

Louis House Woodworking photo by Chad Sharpe

My take on woodworking is an architectural one. The three important principles of good architecture - beauty, utility, and durability - also make a good piece of furniture. My aim is to create architecture on a small scale.

When a client enters into communion with the maker and the material, a fourth dimension - meaningfulness - comes into being.



Thank you for your interest in Newfoundland Trading Company.

We know there are remarkable artists and craftspeople in Newfoundland and Labrador who are making high-quality, unique products, and we want to help them share their talents with the world.

We want people from all over the world to be able to touch, feel and experience Newfoundland and Labrador.


  • We handle sales and marketing. We offer a marketing and online retail infrastructure which allows makers to focus on making as we sell your products locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • We help you achieve scale. We will buy and sell large quantities of your products.
  • We remove inventory risk as we purchase all the products we order.


We are open to considering products that align with our company values. We seek products that are:

  • Made in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • High quality
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Scalable (able to produce in large quantities)
  • Appealing to people outside of the province
  • Consistent with the Newfoundland Trading Company brand

We are not interested in items targeted toward tourists, and we do not carry traditional Newfoundland nostalgia.

We seek the unexpected, and we welcome product submissions that clearly meet the above criteria.

Please note:

  • Only makers being considered will be contacted.
  • While Newfoundland Trading Company will accept product submissions throughout the year, we will focus on seasonal collections (i.e. fall, winter, spring, summer)
  • Product samples can be submitted via mail to:

Newfoundland Trading Company, 132 Bond St., St. John’s, NL  A1C 1T9

  • Submitted materials will not be returned.